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Renewing The Way Renovation

After 30 years in our current home, the time has come to expand in order to meet the needs of our growing membership. Thanks to our generous sangha, family and friends, we had a very successful fundraising campaign and will be starting our renovation in the spring of 2017.

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Intro to Zen Workshops

Workshops are a practical and authentic introduction to Zen Buddhism. During the half-day schedule of talks, question periods, demonstrations and guided meditation, participants are introduced to the body-mind disciplines of Zen Buddhism.

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Mettabhavana Course

Mettabhavana is an ancient Buddhist meditation leading to the development of unconditional loving-kindness and friendliness. Metta is something you feel in your heart, a positive emotional state towards others as well as ourselves.

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Important Notices & Special Events

2016 Fall Calendars
We have now posted the calendars for the rest of 2016. As our renovation will now be happening in the spring of 2017, we will have a full calendar for the remainder of this year.

Fall Yard Sale — Saturday, September 24, 9am - 3pm
This sale is always a fun event for our members, their family and friends, and our greater community. We love seeing our neighbours come by, and would be delighted if you could join us. Yes... donations are welcome! Read more...

World Peace Ceremony — Sunday, September 18
The International Day of Peace is an opportunity for individuals, organizations and nations to create practical acts of peace on a shared date. Since the Centre's schedule does not always coincide with that date, we hold our ceremony as close as possible to the 21st. Read more...

Finding Your Seat — Monday, September 19 @ 7pm
Finding Your Seat is designed to help newcomers become attuned to practice at the Centre, overcome feelings of strangeness at Zen Centre activities and meet other members. Read more...