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Famine Relief Ceremony

On Thursday, May 16th, we will hold a special Ceremony for the Relief of Famine during the evening's formal sitting. The evening starts with rounds of zazen at our regular time of 7:00 pm.

Famine Relief Ceremonies are a concrete way to express our compassion for those who are suffering from the deprivations of hunger.

A monetary donation is part of the ceremony. Proceeds are sent to Oxfam. It is preferable to bring cash for this offering so that a single cheque can be sent to the organization.

A vegetarian food offering is also made. This should be packaged vegetarian food such as rice, beans, soups, pasta, cereal (always needed), juice, etc. This is given to the food bank.

Specific instructions are given just prior to the ceremony. All are welcome whether or not you are a member of the Centre.