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Come join us for a Hatha Yoga class!


Where: Toronto Zen Centre
Dates: April 1 to May 6th 2019
Times: Monday evenings from 7:00-8:00 pm
Cost: $60 for a six-week course

Yoga is a natural complement to sitting meditation and helps prepare the body and mind for meditation. Explore the fundamentals of postural yoga at a moderate pace, in the newly renovated Buddha hall. The benefits of yoga include its potential for healing and renewal, improving circulation, reducing stress, elevating mood, and increasing a general sense of wellbeing. In this class, we will use movement and yoga postures to cultivate strength, flexibility, balance, breath awareness, and conscious relaxation. Beginners and more experienced participants are welcome!

About the Instructor

Beth Conklin completed her yoga teacher training at Breathe Yoga Studio in the Junction in 2011. She continues to learn from her teachers and students, and from dedicated practice. Beth is a longtime Iyengar yoga student with an interest in contemporary interdisciplinary movement practices. She strives to offer classes that are safe, enjoyable, challenging, and accessible to different bodies and skill levels.


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