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The Toronto Zen Centre was established in 1967 by Roshi Philip Kapleau to provide a place for the practice of authentic Zen Buddhism. It was the Rochester Zen Center’s first affiliate group, and is the oldest Zen group in Canada.

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Teacher—Roshi Taigen Henderson

Roshi Taigen Henderson is the teacher at the Toronto Zen Centre. He began practicing Zen Buddhism in the early 1970s, after attending a workshop at the Rochester Zen Center with Roshi Philip Kapleau.

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Getting Started

Whether you are completely new to Buddhism or whether you already have a spiritual practice and are curious about formal practice at the Toronto Zen Centre, the way to get started is to attend an Introductory Workshop.

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Members of the Toronto Zen Centre, the Vermont Zen Center, and the Casa Zen in Costa Rica comprise our Buddhist community, or Sangha. Membership in all our Centres is open to everyone regardless of age, race, national origin, creed, sex, or sexual orientation.

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Triple Sangha

Our community extends beyond Canada's borders. The Toronto Zen Centre, Vermont Zen Center and the Casa Zen de Costa Rica are considered to be part of a Triple Sangha.

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