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Chanting for Peace in America

?? chants logged so far (goal: 100,000)

We are asking members and friends to send our chanting to the USA for a peaceful election and post-election transition. This is not partisan politics but trying to help remove obstructive and untoward karma by chanting for peace.

As when we did the removing obstruction ceremonies for our Buddha Hall 5-6 years ago, we are aiming to chant 100,000 chants but this time it will be a mixture of chants. We will continue chanting past November 3rd until our goal is reached.

As an example: If 100 members each chant 108 chants a day it will take just over nine days to achieve the 100,000!

Suggested Chanting Services- Prajna Paramita x 2, the Kanzeon (either in English or Japanese) x 27, and the Sho Sai Myo Kichijo Dharani (removing disasters) x 7; totals 36 chants, and if you do that 3 times a day =108. If 100 people participate for 10 days during and after the election we could achieve our goal!

If you need to reference the chants, they are available on the chanting section of our website.

When you finish your chanting for the day please log it on to our chant meter to allow us keep track of how we are doing:

Log Chanting

Here is a Eko you can use after each service:

Faith in Buddha, Dharma, Sangha brings True Liberation,
We now return the merit of our chanting to:
The United States of America.
Wherever violence, hatred, anger and discrimination ariseā€¦ may they cease!
And may peace, tolerance, love, harmony and cooperation replace them-
In the hearts and minds of all her citizens.

May all Beings attain Buddhahood.