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Chanting for World Peace


We wish happiness for all beings. We pray that war and violence will end.

At this time we especially direct our chanting for peace between India and Canada.

Chanting is a positive response to an unfathomable challenge. The power of a heartfelt prayer or chant can inspire in ways we cannot know and in ways beyond our intellectual understanding. That is as it should be since chanting is non-dual, recognizes no boundaries, and is fundamentally peaceful. We chant that all will forsake violence and find that peace is the True Heart's desire.

May all beings be well, free from war, hostility, and distress. May they live in peace and happiness!

Suggested Chanting Services

  • Prajna Paramita 2 times
  • Kanzeon (either in English or Japanese) 9 times
  • Jizo (Earth Store Bodhisattva) 9 times
  • Baisajaguru Healing Buddha 9 times
  • Sho Sai Myo Kichijo Dharani (removing disasters) 7 times
  • Total = 36 chants.

If you need to reference the chants, they are available on the chanting page of our website.

Log Your Chanting

We will set our new goal for 100,000 chants and Metta prayers for Peace on Earth. There is no minimum or maximum you need to do. Just log your chants and prayers here:

Here is a Final Eko you can use after each service:

We dedicate our chanting to Peace on Earth,
May war and famine cease.
May peace and harmony prevail.
May all beings attain Buddhahood!