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MaxSold Auction

TZC Fundraiser—MaxSold Auction

17 nov 2021 Gallery is Online!

For the last twenty-five years the Toronto Zen Centre has been holding two annual yard sales as both a fundraiser and a community event. Our neighbours love it!

When Covid-19 prevented this last year, we were looking for another way to help raise much needed funds to help keep our financial picture healthy and discovered MaxSold online auctions. Max Sold has been waiving fees to charities during the pandemic which has allowed us to reach a greater audience and to increase our funds as a result.

Last year we hosted two auctions and were able to raise more money than we ever have with any of our previous yard sales. Unfortunately, the community aspect is lost by hosting online but if we get the word out our “virtual community” can still take part and support the Toronto Zen Centre. There are lots of great items to be had so please share with friends and family and take a look yourselves!