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Jukai—The Ceremony of Entering the Buddha’s Way

17 mar 2024 Registration Link
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On Sunday, March 17, the Centre will hold a very special event—the Jukai Ceremony. This solemn ceremony signifies one’s commitment to enter and follow the Buddha’s Way. Jukai is held two times a year in the Spring and Fall, and as it is an act of purification and renewal it is customary to attend as many times as possible.

Those who participate in the Jukai Ceremony are expressing their intention—as Buddhists—to follow the path of Buddhism, by first making repentance, and then vowing to uphold the Buddhist Precepts. Jukai is the single most important ceremony for a Buddhist, and is essential for those who wish to continue in their practice of Zen.

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In previous newsletters, this has been said about Jukai:

It is not until participating in this ceremony that you can truly be said to be a member of the Buddha's family. This is because the Precepts lay the foundation for practice in the Buddhadharma, setting forth the ethical and spiritual mores for following the Way of the Buddha.

The Ceremony will involve making repentance, taking the Three Refuges, the Three General Resolutions, and the Ten Cardinal Precepts. It is also traditional to make a monetary donation to the teacher, called an “Incense Offering.” Since it is given anonymously, it is an expression of the Buddhist virtue of Dana, or selfless giving.

Incense Offering

The incense offering represents a person's willingness and desire to support the teacher's work in upholding and disseminating the Buddhadharma. It is also a way for members to show their gratitude for the teachings by helping to provide for the welfare of their teacher. What amount constitutes a proper donation is up to each individual.

If you are attending in person please bring your donation with you and use the envelopes that are provided at the Centre. Those attending on line may make an arrangement with an attending member to make the offering on your behalf.


Due to the solemn nature of the Jukai Ceremony, please wear a clean, pressed robe. New people can borrow a robe from the Centre to wash, or wear clean, dark, solid-colored clothing. It is also customary to clean one's living quarters and to bathe before receiving Jukai.