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Becoming a Member of the Toronto Zen Centre

Members of the Toronto Zen Centre, the Vermont Zen Center, and the Casa Zen in Costa Rica comprise our Buddhist community, or Sangha. Membership in all our Centres is open to everyone regardless of age, race, national origin, creed, sex, or sexual orientation.

The Toronto Zen Centre is a non-profit, religious, tax-exempt corporation maintained solely by contributions of members and friends. While attendance at regular zazen is usually restricted to members,non-members may join on occasion after checking with the Centre. Anyone may become a member of the Centre through following these steps:

Sitting Cushions

Trial Membership

Trial Membership gives people a chance to “try out” the Centre. To become a Trial Member, fill out a Trial Membership Application and return it to the Centre. Trial members may attend all regular functions of the Centre.

Sitting in the zendo

Full membership

Members may attend all Centre events and become a student of Roshi Henderson. Members are given preference for sesshins and receive discounts on retreats, books, incense, etc. Members support the Centre by making a financial pledge, which is an expression of gratitude for the gift of the Buddha’s teachings. The suggested minimum donation is $50 per month. The Membership Application/Pledge Form is available on-line or from the Centre..

Toronto Zen Centre

Friend of the Center

This category is for those who do not wish to formally become a member of the Centre, but would like to support the Centre’s work and have occasional contact with the Sangha. Friends receive all mailings and may attend Sangha events after checking with the Centre. Friends of the Centre are asked to make a small yearly contribution to the Centre. Friend of the Centre Application.