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Our Triple Sangha

Even though the Toronto Zen Centre operates as a fully independent Centre with our own schedule and activities, we are fortunate to retain close ties to Roshi Sunyana Graef. The Toronto Zen Centre, Vermont Zen Center and the Casa Zen de Costa Rica are considered to be part of a Triple Sangha.

Vermont Zen Center

Vermont Zen Center

The Vermont Zen Center was established by Roshi Graef in 1988. Initially, members practiced out of a room in the Graef residence, but soon outgrew the space, and in 1991 purchased a house just down the street. Over the years the Center has undergone many renovations and changes, including two major expansions: one completed in 2003, and a second in 2011.

The Center has a busy schedule of formal sittings, sesshins, ceremonies, and other special events. They also offer opportunities for group visits and personal retreats.

For more information on the Center, please see their website.

Casa Zen

Casa Zen de Costa Rica

Located in Santo Domingo de Heredia, Costa Rica, the Casa Zen is also under the direction of Roshi Graef, who has been the teacher there since 1988. It was originally founded in 1974 as part of the Japanese Embassy in San José, Costa Rica, after a series of workshops given by Roshi Philip Kapleau. As with the Vermont Zen Center, the Casa Zen has a full schedule of sittings, ceremonies and sesshins, and offers facilities for individual retreats.

For more information on Casa Zen, please see their website.