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Zoom Dokusan

Zoom Dokusan Protocol

Please read the following guidelines carefully!

Dokusan is offered via Zoom Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings, during online sittings. It is available to formal students of Roshi, that is members who have been to a formal new student ceremony with the teacher.

Reservations for Dokusan may be made using the link on this page, at least 24 hours in advance of the sitting for that week where it is offered (typically Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings).

These are formal Dokusan even though you are participating from home. In particular, there are the following expectations:

  • You must be in a private room, wearing your robe and rakusu (if you have one).
  • The room must be clean and tidy with adequate lighting (the light should be in front of you and not behind) for Roshi to see you. Also, your camera should be at eye level (use a stand if necessary). Test this out before Dokusan.
  • There must be no pets or interruptions during the call, from your phone or otherwise.


  • You must join the online sitting for the Dokusan you are attending.
  • Please wait for the Dokusan bell to ring before exiting the virtual Zen Sitting. When leaving, make sure your mike is unmuted so as not to interfere with the beginning of Dokusan (see this page for detailed instructions on how to configure your Zoom client for Dokusan).
  • Immediately open the link for the Dokusan waiting room and join the waiting line.
  • While in the virtual Dokusan line, continue to work on your practice and stay focused and alert. Respond immediately when your turn comes.
  • Once Roshi appears, immediately do a bow (seated is fine) and state your practice. There is no need to say “Hello” or “Can you hear me?” He will let you know if he cannot.
  • Once you have finished your Dokusan, immediately leave the Dokusan “meeting” and rejoin the group Zoom sitting in the Zendo for the end of the sitting with chanting and/or four vows and three prostrations.

If you need to withdraw from Zoom Dokusan before it begins please send Roshi an email
Please, only sign up for one Dokusan per week.